Superstar of the Month!

Superstar of the Month!

At Reed Autos we like to reward our employees for their efforts and hard work with the Superstar of the month award. This award is dedicated to the one employee that has stood out the most in the month in relation to their punctuality, work ethic and overall motivation to work. Any worker from any department can win the award, along with a stunning trophy, to signify their achievement.

Superstar of April

April - Harry Rudd

Congratulations to one of our sales executives Harry Rudd for earning April's Superstar of the month award!! Despite being new to the team, he is very organised and has performed extremely well and sold the greatest number of cars for this month!

Superstar of May

May - Olly Day

Olly Day won the May Superstar award for his effort and consistency with work ethic this month. Not only has he continually taken on more responsibility within his role to develop his position; whilst Aaron, the valet manager was away on holiday, Olly solely managed the valet department for a week.

Superstar of June

June - Josh Fenton

Josh has been rewarded with superstar of the month this month due to his work always being of a very high standard and very consistent. He has learnt how to take good quality, professional photos of our vehicles and can now do them with no issues whatsoever. He has also helped out the service department with picking up customers and delivering great customer service to them and he is very happy with his role and responsibilities in the business.