Superstar of the Month!

Superstar of the Month!

At Reed Autos we like to reward our employees for their efforts and hard work with the Superstar of the month award. This award is dedicated to the one employee that has stood out the most in the month in relation to their punctuality, work ethic and overall motivation to work. Any worker from any department can win the award, along with a stunning trophy, to signify their achievement.

Superstar of April

April - Harry Rudd

Congratulations to one of our sales executives Harry Rudd for earning April's Superstar of the month award!! Despite being new to the team, he is very organised and has performed extremely well and sold the greatest number of cars for this month!

Superstar of May

May - Olly Day

Olly Day won the May Superstar award for his effort and consistency with work ethic this month. Not only has he continually taken on more responsibility within his role to develop his position; whilst Aaron, the valet manager was away on holiday, Olly solely managed the valet department for a week.

Superstar of June

June - Josh Fenton

Josh has been rewarded with superstar of the month this month due to his work always being of a very high standard and very consistent. He has learnt how to take good quality, professional photos of our vehicles and can now do them with no issues whatsoever. He has also helped out the service department with picking up customers and delivering great customer service to them and he is very happy with his role and responsibilities in the business.

Superstar of July

July - Rob England

Rob has shown great dedication over this last month, ensuring that all jobs in the workshop are complete whilst working on his MOT skills. Rob managed to acquire his MOT certificate which is a qualification now allowing him to carry out MOT tests in the MOT bay. With the amount of work that was already taking place this added to the list and we feel Rob has earned this award after all his hard efforts paid off, and we now have another worker which is qualified to work on these tests.

Superstar of Aug

August - Daniel Espin

This month we would like to give a huge thanks to Daniel for his hard work and dedication. Stepping in to the role of Business Manager while our other two managers have been away, has displayed Dan's skills and motivation to achieve as well as being confident to take on the role. Without Daniel we would have struggled to perform so this month and we are very grateful for his efforts. For this exact reason he has been rewarded August's Superstar of the month!

Superstar of Sept

September - Erica Hilbery

In September Erica was the leading member of the sales team selling the most amount of cars for the month, as well as overcoming her personal best, making it a great month in her career as a sales executive. Not only did Erica achieve great numbers this month however we also had many reviews stating how friendly she has been, showing how great her customer service is, making the Reed Autos experience one to remember! Keep up the good work!

Superstar of Oct

October - George Karabetsos

Salesman George was given this award for his excellent attitude towards his work as well as being very well organised. We had a very busy month, and not only was George up to date with all of his work, he was also helping some of our new members of the sales team where possible. George himself is a recent addition to the team anyway... therefore we had to give him this award for his amazing work ethic, well done and keep up the good work!!

Superstar of Nov

November - Ross Tayler

Ross has been outstanding this month! He has only worked here for a short amount of time, but in that time has made a big impact to the valet bay. Ross has proven he is very good at his job to the extent where nothing is too much. He faces any challenges given to him and always delivers his best, always meets his deadlines, and we have absolutely nothing bad to say about him. Keep up the good work!