Can you carry out exhaust repairs on my car?

Yes. Reed Autos expert technicians are trained to carry out any exhaust system repairs on any make and model of car.

Why would I need my exhaust repaired?

Your exhaust systems main job is to:

  • Expel noxious fumes
  • Control noise
  • Boost engine performance
  • Improve fuel consumption

If your exhaust is not functioning correctly, it will not carry out the jobs listed above and this can have a massive financial impact. Your exhaust may also cause MOT failures if not maintained.

What is a DPF?

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. It is designed to remove diesel particulate matters and soot from the engine.

What happens if you have a DPF fault on your dash?

If a DPF light appears on your dashboard we recommend you act quickly. A fault with your DPF can build up and become significantly worse if left.

A DPF fault can be treated if caught in time by unblocking the DPF with a treatment carried out by our highly skilled technicians, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.